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The Resource Real Estate Diversified Income Fund (the "Fund") is an interval fund that seeks to offer investors current income, risk diversification and long-term appreciation. The Fund is constructed to have a low correlation to the broader markets and provides investors with a liquidity feature.

The professionally managed portfolio invests across real estate asset types, through both publicly traded and private investments, and in both debt and equity opportunities.

Symbol / Cusip:
RREDX / 76123K 107

SEC Yield: 6.3%
(As of 3/31/14)

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In today's low interest rate and volatile equity market environment, investors recognize the value of an allocation to commercial real estate. The Fund offers many benefits and can diversify a portfolio across alternative real estate investments.

Key Fund Features

Current Income¹

The Fund currently targets an annualized dividend greater than 5%.


  • Multiple sectors: retail, multifamily, healthcare, industrial and office
  • Multiple investment types: Publicly Traded REIT, Real Estate Debt and Direct Real Estate Equity
  • Multiple investments: expertise from unique managers and strategies

The majority of the Fund's individual holdings will be less than 5% of the total assets.²

Growth Potential

The Fund seeks capital growth through asset appreciation.

Professional Management

Resource Real Estate has over 20 years of investment expertise, and the Fund’s portfolio manager brings over 15 years of experience as a former global portfolio manager for Cohen & Steers and the head of equities research for UBS.

Liquidity Feature

The Fund offers the advantage of liquidity through quarterly redemptions.

Low Market Correlation

A combination of institutional, public and privately traded real estate investments may lower the Fund’s correlation to the broader market.

A Mutual Fund with Access

Investors gain access to publicly traded and non-traded REITs in one fund.

Daily NAV

The Net Asset Value (NAV) is calculated each day after the close of the NYSE.

There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses.

¹ Target yield is measured at the Fund level and is not equal to actual returns for an investor. As portfolio and market conditions change, future distributions will vary and target yields may not be obtained in the future. Dividends are not guaranteed.

² The Fund is a diversified investment, which means that for the majority of the portfolio, no single investment will comprise more than 5% of total assets of the Fund.

The Fund will not invest in any other funds for which the Advisor or its affiliates act as the Investment Advisor.

About the Fund

Strategy Allocation

The Fund is comprised of three commercial real estate types to provide a diversified allocation. Each type of real estate investment trust (REIT) presents investors with potential benefits.

Fund Composition
Key Features
Publicly Traded REIT
Growth, Liquidity, Income
Real Estate Debt
Income, Low Volatility, Low Correlation
Direct Real Estate Equity
Income, Low Volatility, Low Correlation
This combination makes the Fund a diverse allocation for a portfolio seeking to invest in real estate.

The Fund's portfolio holdings are to illustrate examples of the securities that the Fund has bought and the diversity of areas in which the Fund may invest. It may not be representative of the Fund's current or future investments. Portfolio holdings are subject to change and should not be considered to be investment advice.

There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses.

Investment Objective

The Fund’s primary objective:

  • Produce current income
  • Provide multifaceted diversification
  • Achieve long-term capital appreciation
  • Offer low correlation to broader markets

Resource Real Estate professional management actively monitors the Fund’s investments to maintain the investment objective.


Fund Performance

Coming Soon.

Historical NAV



Fund Holdings

Fund Holdings

Composition Range




Traded REIT Equity


35% 40%

Traded REIT Preferred Equity


35% 40%

Non-traded Income REITs*


30% 35%



* Non-traded Income REITs include private equity real estate funds.

Dividend History

Dividend History

Record Date: date the dividend amount is declared.
Ex Date/Pay Date: date the dividend is paid to investors.



The following documents provide detailed information about the Fund. Each one can be viewed online as a PDF, or documents can be ordered and mailed directly to you.

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About RRE

Resource Real Estate

Resource Real Estate ("RRE") is a national real estate firm specializing in direct investments, global real estate securities and commercial real estate lending. RRE has a long history of investing in, managing and resolving complex real estate investments.

Since 1991, RRE and its affiliates have acquired, managed and harvested real estate assets for institutional and individual investors, joint venture partnerships as well as its own account. RRE owns and manages a real estate portfolio with an aggregate value of approximately $2.1 billion. Headquartered in Philadelphia, RRE has over 600 industry professionals with additional offices located in New York City, Los Angeles, Denver and Omaha.

RRE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Resource America, Inc., a publicly traded company (NASDQ: REXI). RRE is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Scott Crowe, Portfolio Manager

Scott Crowe is the Portfolio Manager for the Fund. Previously Scott was the lead Global Portfolio Manager for Cohen & Steers Capital Management where he led the investment and research process for a team of over 20 portfolio managers and analysts. Scott was accountable for over $10 billion in funds under management across the global, international and emerging market portfolios.

Prior to this, Scott held the position of Head of Global Real Estate for UBS equities research where he built and managed the US REIT division while leading a global team of more than 40 analysts.

Scott holds an Honors Degree in Finance from the University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of NSW/National University of Singapore.


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Contact Us


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